Discover the Only “Profitable Design” Solution

Specifically for Short-Term Renting in Paris


Do you own an apartment in Paris ?

Are you renting (or planning to rent) it short-term ?

If so, here is a scenario you might be facing:


Many people who attempt short-term renting

actually Do NOT make MONEY out of it.

(or far less than what they could – or should)



Their biggest difficulty is that they end up with a Low Occupancy Rate.

What causes it?

Among several reasons, the biggest one by far is that Competition is Tough.

Many owners prefer renting short-term, so people looking for an apartment now have a LOT of choice.

A recent 2011 market survey by Opinion Way referenced no less than 113 different websites offering an estimated 20.000 furnished rentals in central Paris. In this professional and competitive market, most websites now offer a selection of perfectly good quality apartments.

Simple exponation… Yet definitely true.

Internet makes it very easy to view and compare a large number of apartments… Such that if your apartment is merely average, then tourists and business clients will simply pick another more attractive one, because they have PLENTY of choice.

Essentially, it’s all about supply & demand.

So… What can YOU do about it?


Have YOUR apartment be TAILORED for Seasonal Renting.


When The Problem Gets Trickier

- Or -

“Decorating for Style is NOT the Same as

Decorating Specifically for Short-Term Renting.”


The thing is, even if you have a real sense of taste, even if your apartment is nicely furnished, even if you get help from an interior designer… There may still be a serious problem:

Design for Short Term Rental includes many unique specificities: concerning the floor, the choice of furniture, the level of decoration, etc.

And most of these specificities are related to the MARKET.

They depend directly on what your customers want or expect, hence the are sometimes very COUNTER-INTUITIVE.

As a consequence, an interior decorator will often be LOST. Or will make mistakes between what is necessary to spend… And what should ABSOLUTELY be avoided, even it looks good in terms of style, because it will not increase the perceived value of the apartment.

Which means you could find yourself:

- Either Not Spending Enough (which means money lost, because what you will spend will have no Return on Investment)

- Or Spending Too Much (which is somehow better because your apartment will sell itself more, however you could have gotten the same results for far less money invested)

So… Do you have a solution that REALLY works ?


Introducing “Profitable Design”

Very Easy, Affordable, and most of all, quite soon…




See, design for short-term renting is not “typical” interior design.

However, thanks to our mother company, A La Carte Paris, we have been successfully practicing short term renting since 2001, so whe know EXACTLY what the market expects.

Also, this is not all.

We have also spent several years designing apartments ESPECIALLY for the short term renting market.

How does that translate in practice?

- The Know-How in terms of Profitable Design (work, furniture, level of decoration…)

- A selection of Suppliers with Specific Trade Prices (because we’ve been working with them for years),

- A dedicated team, available in terms of time (to supervise all the works and process – so even if you are not physically In Paris for instance, we can take care of everything for you)

- A contractualized timing solution, which means you can hold us accountable in terms of delay and be CERTAIN your apartment is set on time. This in itself is of ENORMOUS value to you, because it means you can rent your apartment sooner, and thus earn more money (again, the reason why we are so sure of this timing is because we have been doing such apartments for years, hence we know with total confidence how much time it will take)

- Etc…

Thanks to our 10-year expertise, we KNOW what kind of apartments tourists and business clients like (and most importantly – which ones they BOOK).

This experience, we are ready to share it with YOU, for Your Apartment.


So… Should You Care about Profitable Design for Your Apartment?

Design or Not Design, that is the question you might be asking yourself.

Well, let’s just say that the price for missing out on this criteria is… Hum… HIGH.

It also explains why, even if an apartment looks decent, the lack of some functionalities and design elements can DEEPLY hold it back and prevent it being booked, thus making  owners lose the money that they could (and should) be earning.

So… what about YOUR apartment?

If you’re having trouble booking your apartment (or just want to make sure that you achieve a high occupancy level),

If you would like to make your apartment more attractive to paying clients in a Very Competitive market place…

From basic makeover to complete floor-to-ceiling renovation…

In a very easy and completely cost-effective way.

So… Are you interested ?

Yes ?



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P.S. Want more afterwards? That’s possible too!

Having a stylish apartment is a great step, but maybe you also want to be relax and not care about finding new tenants, taking care of the maintenance and issues, etc…

If so, when you work with us, we may also offer you the option of having your newly redesigned apartment pay for itself with high-end short-term rentals thanks to our mother firm, A La Carte Paris.

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